F2F体験記 – 2016-10-22 – eating

F2F doesn’t have dinning room. The meals are carried from outside. The meal are simple compared with other English school in the Philippines. They serve almost chicken and rice with vegetables every day. Everyone picks up their preferred food from a tray. My first three days, I picked only few but recently I picked up more. Many female student get only few. A certain student said “You shuld get food twice.” Because there is always a left over. First 6:30, secondly 7:30 the student said. On Saturdays, we have to declare if we eat or not. They make just declaration. On Sunday, there is no meal. I have to eat outside. Some students cook for themselves but I can not cook. That’s why, I hope to look for a restaurant. I eat my three meals outside. It is really troublesome for me. The day yesterday, Some of my Mac keys like ‘U’, ‘I’, ‘P’, ‘Enter’ were not responding. That’s why I decided to go to SM mall of Damarinas. I will buy a new keyboard etc. and I will eat lunch and dinner at the mall.


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