F2F体験記 – 2016-11-06 – I went to Nasugbu

When I went to KC Hills golf club, I understood that I should take the bus to Nasugbu. So I can go to Nasugbu easily. I decided to see Nasugbu beach. Today, I have taken the bus and I asked the conductor, “Does this bus go to Nasubu.” He said “Yes.”

About one hour later, the bus was already near Nasugbu. The bus turn left to Lian. It means the bus go away from Nasugbu. I thought about getting off or not. But I didn’t mind to go to other beaches as well. However, the bus turned around at Lian, so the bus go toward Nasugbu. After the bus stop at Nasugbu, I got off the bus. Nasugbu was very hot and people are very active. I am planning to go toward Balayan via Nasugbu by bus.


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