F2F体験記 – 2016-11-13 – comeback to Tagaytay

I had come back to Batangus from Puerto Galera, then a banker asked us, “Where are you going? Manila?” I was thinking and said “Tagaytay. How much?” He said “2,500 pesos”. I and my friend asked him “Is it tatal price or each price?” He said “Total! Everything included” We agree and had ridden the car which maybe private taxi, then he asked to give him 1,500 pesos in advance. We are surprised. We told him “Why? we usually  pay once we get off.”, but he asked us, and with persistence. After we paid 1,500 pesos him, he said “1,000 pesos is paid to the driver” then he got off and went somewhere. I realized his commission was 1,500, and the taxi’s fare was only 1,000. Although the driver had worked for about four hours, he seemed satisfied.


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