F2F体験記 – 2016-11-15 – blackout

Today, we had a blackout when I had started home work. Japanese electric service is always stable. In other word, we never had an experience of blackout in Japan. However, in the Philippines it’s not such a surprise. last night, I had started to do my homework before the light went out. I wasn’t worried though because I already bought a LED lamp from Japan. I wished to use it for a long time when there’s blackout in the Philippines, but I got disappointed because I slept earlier than expected.

F2F体験記 – 2016-11-13 – comeback to Tagaytay

I had come back to Batangus from Puerto Galera, then a banker asked us, “Where are you going? Manila?” I was thinking and said “Tagaytay. How much?” He said “2,500 pesos”. I and my friend asked him “Is it tatal price or each price?” He said “Total! Everything included” We agree and had ridden the car which maybe private taxi, then he asked to give him 1,500 pesos in advance. We are surprised. We told him “Why? we usually  pay once we get off.”, but he asked us, and with persistence. After we paid 1,500 pesos him, he said “1,000 pesos is paid to the driver” then he got off and went somewhere. I realized his commission was 1,500, and the taxi’s fare was only 1,000. Although the driver had worked for about four hours, he seemed satisfied.

F2F体験記 – 2106-11-07 – Teacher’s arrangement trip

Last Sunday, I and some students with a teacher planed to go to Taal lake. And three students refused to go there. They said the weather report said Sunday will be rainy. This plan was arranged by one of the teachers. He said “We need over eight people, but we only have six. If we go there, you need extra money. If we cancel the plan, you have to pay a fee.” So we decided to postponed it to next Saturday. Today, I told the teacher, “I’m not going.” If join the trip, I can go easily, cheaply and safety. But I don’t like him to do the business because he might keep the change. So I go there by myself, even though it is little difficult, a bit expensive and unsafe.

F2F体験記 – 2016-11-06 – I went to Nasugbu

When I went to KC Hills golf club, I understood that I should take the bus to Nasugbu. So I can go to Nasugbu easily. I decided to see Nasugbu beach. Today, I have taken the bus and I asked the conductor, “Does this bus go to Nasubu.” He said “Yes.”

About one hour later, the bus was already near Nasugbu. The bus turn left to Lian. It means the bus go away from Nasugbu. I thought about getting off or not. But I didn’t mind to go to other beaches as well. However, the bus turned around at Lian, so the bus go toward Nasugbu. After the bus stop at Nasugbu, I got off the bus. Nasugbu was very hot and people are very active. I am planning to go toward Balayan via Nasugbu by bus.

F2F体験記 – 2016-11-03 – After eveliation test

Last week, I took an evaluation test. Yesterday, I received the comment sheet with the result. The test result is not important, because I understand my level. But I want to know what are my weak points. My teacher explained everything by my English teacher. The teacher said “Normal situations are easy for you but unusual ones, you have difficulty to speak and give your opinion and comprehend, so you should read more and listen regularly to English videos.” That is true I thought. But it is difficult to study English and make it a habit, so while I’m stay in F2F I have to get used to study English.

F2F体験記 – 2016-10-31 – At the hotel of golf club

In the early morning, many people did something do on the fields. Then I realized they are caddies. They were picking up wild grass. My caddie said, “Every Monday, we have to pickup wild grass, but we’re not getting paid. But we have to join the work because if we don’t join we will lose our job. There are 170 caddies in the golf club. I could work once or twice a week. though I want to work everyday.” she said. When an area has a golf club and get a lot of customer, local people especially the house wives can get extra job and earn money for the family. Jobs such as maintenance, security, hotel and restaurant can also help local people.

F2F体験記 – 2016-10-30 – I learned about a bus

On my second day, I wanted to pay my lunch, dinner and massage by credit card, but they refused my card. I decided to Ayala mall in Tagaytay by bus. I took the bus and get off the bus in front of Ayala mall. After changing money, I rode another bus to rode on the bus. I told the conductor I’ll go to Evercrest, he said “closer!?” but I didn’t understand the meaning. On the way to Evercrest, the conductor said “You get off here!” When I got off the bus, I understood the mean. The bus wsa going to Alfonso. I rode a jeeipney and going to Evercrest then I leaned to check the sign first before riding a bus.

F2F体験記 – 2016-10-29 – played golf

Today is an unforgettable day because I played golf at foreign country. Last year and the year before, I played golf in the Philippines but at the time, I rented a golf set. My golf clubs should fit a golf player, so it is important to use their own clubs. I was the only player, but caddie was with me all the time. She gave me advise every after swing. I feel like professional player. Oct. 29, 2016 is my unforgettable moment in the Philippines.

F2F体験記 – ゴルフしてみた(体験記)




後で世界中でゴルフしている人がここでプレーした時のコメントを見て同じ感想を持ちました。まず行ったのは、KC Hillcrest Hotel and Golf club ということで、ホテルとゴルフ場が併設していて、宿泊客はグリーンフィーが50%引きという併設のゴルフ場ならではの仕組みになっています。




  1. グリーンフィー 1,700ペソ(土日祝日)
  2. キャディーフィー 400ペソ
  3. 保険料 100ペソ
  4. カートフィー 1,000ペソ











飛行機は、LCCのジェットスターなら安いが、毎日価格が違う。関西空港から11月4日金曜日の夕方乗って、11月6日の深夜便に乗れば、21,210円、ゴルフバッグ 15Kgを預けると2,700円だそうで、往復で、26,010円となる。2泊3日なので、荷物を軽めに7Kgまでに抑えれば追加料金はいらない。


  1. 飛行機代 26,010円(Jetstar、11/4-11/7)
  2. タクシー代 650円(4人なら4分の1)
  3. バス代 220円
  4. ホテル代 10,000円(2泊分、2人なら一人当たり半額)
  5. プレー費 10,000円(2ラウンド分)
  6. 食事代 5,000円(2日間の昼夜、朝食はホテル代込み)